Made in Stoke-on-Trent BCB Fringe Exhibition

The #MadeinStoke exhibition taking place at LoveClay will run from Saturday 11th September to Sunday 17th October 2021 in the LoveClay Gallery & exhibition space and will include the following artists:



  • Philip Hardaker
  • Nick Marsh
  • Will Boyce
  • Emma Bailey
  • Danny Callaghan
  • Buslem Pottery
  • Jon French
  • Gilly Nicholls
  • Lucy Shaw
  • Natalie Jenkinson
  • Carol Glover
  • LoveClay Students
  •  Stefan & Marcus – Alexander’s Arcanum
  • Foyley Pottery
  • TheArtBay Gallery
  • Barewall Gallery



  • John Hewitt


Made in Stoke BCB Fringe exhibition is organised in conjunction with the British Ceramics Biennial and features artists and organisations that are based within the heart of the potteries and the ceramics centre of the world Stoke-on-Trent.

The Gallery will be open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm with certain weekends. Please check in advance before visiting at a weekend. 


About Made in Stoke-on-Trent

This project has been designed to promote the work of Ceramic Artists who either work in North Staffordshire or have a strong connection with The Potteries, and to involve people who live and work in Stoke on Trent in their authentic culture first-hand as active participants and celebrants of this rich local heritage.  

This will be done by holding a number of events, exhibitions and public engagements across Stoke-on-Trent in a range of unconventional settings and community venues in order to extend access to art, craft and the City’s wider heritage and culture. 

The series of activities will run at the same time as the renowned British Ceramic Biennial who have a wider remit providing a platform for contemporary ceramics drawing on global themes and working with exceptional international artists.  

The project will significantly add to the burgeoning  fringe of shows, and events around the BCB (in the spirit of The Edinburgh Fringe), enabling the people of the Potteries to have access to, see, take part in and learn about ceramic art and craft in their communities – made by, and with, people who are part of the artistic heritage of Stoke on Trent. Furthermore it will demonstrate without doubt, that there is a future for ceramic art and craft in North Staffordshire, and its diverse communities are very much part of this story. 

A series of pop-up events throughout Stoke, Shelton and Hanley with ceramic art/craft themes made by local potters and/or local communities through projects or participatory programmes. These will be published on our website with all join up, take part and view instructions. Also on social media/media running up to and during the time.

  • Date 7th September 2021
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