About Us

The ‘LOVECLAY’ Ceramics Centre located at the new Valentine Clays headquarters in Fenton is a new visitor experience that promotes the importance of clay to the ceramics industry and Stoke-on-Trent. The new facility in the heart of The Potteries comprises of a contemporary gallery, exhibition space, workshops and events.

The Aim

LoveClay ‘the ceramics centre at the heart of the potteries’ has been developed by the team at Valentine Clays to create a unique visitors experience within Stoke-on-Trent by showcasing the importance of clay and the ceramics industry to the city.

Ceramics is at the heart of our everyday life and is something we use many times a day without even thinking about it whether straightening our hair, driving a car, cooking or enjoying food.

The centre has been created to help to engage people to the wonderful world of clay whether through showcasing the variety of contemporary ceramics that can be made with clay, to buying a piece that they can display within their home, to having a go at making their own clay creation.

The facility has also been developed to help to improve the customer journey for Valentine Clays customers and to focus upon delivering professional based courses that they are able to utilise. It has also been developed to help to promote Valentine Clays customers and the amazing work that they create.

The Future

LoveClay has great ambitions to grow and over the next five years our expansion plans, which coincide with those of Valentine Clays, are to grow LoveClay in to a tourist attraction to help to promote the importance of clay & ceramics. The future plans include:

  • More Courses – aimed at both the professional potter and those that would just like a go
  • More Events – more themed ceramic events and opportunities
  • Improve the gallery area – making it more interactive
  • Tea Room/Coffee Shop
  • Sculpture Trail
  • Factory Tours